A Course on Credit, What College Won't Teach #4 - Who Has the Best Coverage?



If you are trying to help your child who is in college pick out a cell phone or a cell phone plan you may find it to be more expensive than you thought. What many people do not realize is that most of these companies actually check your credit before you start a new contract or buy a phone. If you have a poor score or do not have one at all, you could be faced with paying full price and have a high deposit.


There are few things more important to the average teenager than what they have as a cell phone. The latest styles, most functions, creative applications, all play a part into what they want, and it plays a huge part into the costs. Many parents put their child's plan on as part of a family plan because they feel it gives them the cheapest option.


Are you interested in learning about science, history, writing, and math? Well you will love college, not only are those subjects offered, but they are mandatory for you to take. Every year millions of teenagers and even adults enroll into colleges all over the country in hopes of getting a better education that will lead them to a high paying career.